Register For Free

You can register for free. Feel free to explore this website. Become familiar with businesses that exclude, discriminate and block individuals from using their services or businesses. We have a companion website, UpGroop, where you can find businesses that support growing businesses.

List a Business

We welcome you to list a business the openly discriminates against others. This can be CEOs, company representatives, or companies who advocate lockdowns, mandatory vaccinations, or push coercion of medical practices on people. We also encourage you to list businesses that fire staff from working based on their private medical decisions. Businesses that discriminate on any basis: race, religion, sexuality, medical status or any other reasons. Customers who have been refused entry from a store or service. 

Provide Evidence

Ensure that you provide evidence of this discrimination. This can be a media article from MSM or Independent Media, a photo, a CEO or public statement, a personal experience that can be verified. We reserve the right to remove listings that are shown to be false. We don’t want to punish businesses supporting their community, so please ensure listings are only for businesses that genuinely discriminate. 

Support the Community

Once you are done, share the listing and this website with others. We welcome all people to visit. Your choices are up to you. Supporting businesses and companies that support the WHOLE community, are definitely worth the effort to support. Let’s let those others disappear into the dustbin of history.